Monday, December 31, 2012


Every day, I come across things that fascinate me on the internet: poems, stories, essays, videos, pictures, and more. Often those things are related to the literary life; sometimes they're related to mindfulness or Buddhism or the kind of spirituality that doesn't judge or claim to have the one right way; sometimes they're about gender or teaching or just stuff that makes me laugh. I share those links via the various social media networks (yes, I'm on Facebook, Twitter and Google+), but I'm a bit of a packrat by nature. Social media is ephemeral. I want to be able to easily search for that one article that talked about gaslighting or that poem I barely remember the title of. I want, basically, a hoarding-place for the stuff I find fascinating. So welcome to my dragon lair. Maybe you'll have something to add, in which case I'll be eternally grateful, and I'll be happy to give your particular piece of gold a place in the pile.


  1. Delicious ( will scrape your social media accounts and save links that you post. I've had it set up for awhile. You connect your social media accounts through Profile > Settings > Sources.